Sustaining CASL.js development

CASL gets more and more attraction from developers. This requires additional time to write new features, complementary packages, documentation and answering questions in gitter chat. Besides doing my best to do all of this, I need to use my unique talents to fill important roles for the organization, otherwise my wife would expel me a long time ago ;)

I like CASL and like to contribute to Open Source. That’s why I’m seeking for a way to work more on Open Source projects. Thankfully, there are platforms that help to support people like me, one of them is

CASL Open Collective

Open collective is a platform that provides a transparent, sustainable, and secure way for people to support and sponsor open source projects. So, I’m thrilled to announce that CASL is now on Open Collective!

Here are the benefits:

  • Open involvement for anyone
  • Both individuals and companies can sponsor, fund, or back the mission of CASL (with potential tax benefits).
  • Following the money is easy and transparent
  • Your help decide the future of CASL through your support
  • Anyone can collect funds by contributing to the CASL ecosystem

What will CASL do with my sponsorship?

Up until now, I have been completely focused on rewriting all packages to TypeScript and create better documentation. Now, that CASL 4.0 and new documentation are released, I can start focusing on some great ideas that I’d like your feedback on:

  • Create comprehensive video series
  • Create more examples and move all of them under single monorepo
  • create a complementary package for SQL (knex, mikro-orm, sequelize, etc)
  • create more complementary packages to integrate with frontend and backend frameworks (e.g., Nuxt, Nest, Express, Feathers, GraphQL)
  • Simply being able to spend more time contributing to the core library and materials. I work on CASL in my free time and would love to be able to feasibly provide more support, communication, and development.

How can I help?

To become a sponsor or backer, visit our open collective page (or Support CASL page) and follow the instructions for becoming a part of our collective. Take the time to explore some of the other great collectives that people are supporting. Once we start using these donations, you can track and see how they are being withdrawn and for what.

You are not restricted to financial contributions, as usually you can just share CASL with your colleague from another project, help to answer questions in gitter chat and triage issues, share your examples of CASL integrations, and contribute code and documentation! Finally, you can become a core contributor and support CASL on regular basis.

The Future

This is definitely not the end, it’s the beginning. I will continue to evolve CASL, improve functionality, TypeScript support, add more integrations, examples and documentation but the release cycle of all this depends on the community support.

Thanks for trusting CASL! I hope CASL made permission management in your app as easy as pie